Health, Beauty & Well-being 2018 Exhibition HBW18

The second edition of “ I’m healthy , beauty & fit”  exhibition HBW18, took place On May 5th, at Dubai Ladies Club witnessing the latest products, services and technologies in health, beauty and wellness related fields. The event hosted major health care providers exhibitors from across the region  that  bridged the gap between consumer-patient and […]

Influencers LIVE 2018 – Towards Sensible Influencing in MENA

The Largest gathering of Social Media Influencers across the region in its first edition , Influencers Live 2018, took place On Feb 26th, 2018 at the Raffles Hotel. Please check the Social media Report Inflive 2018_final Trending5000 -the Marketing arm of SB&S SERVICES- launched its initiative of promoting responsible Social media Influencing in MENA through […]

The 4th SHOP LOCAL Family Fun Fair- Jordanian Themed

    One more  successful event concluded on November 24th, 2017 by Trending 5000 to support the local  registered business in their community. More than 80 vendors exhibited their home-grown brands  in different categorizes ranging from F&B, Art and Craft, cloth and technology . It was an eye-opening opportunity that introduced the crowd to various […]

Health, Beauty and Well-Being HBW2017 Conference

On April 30th, , the marketing arm of SB&S Services had organized the first Health, Beauty and Well-Being Conference HBW2017 in Dubai Ladies Club. The event witnessed 30 Major health care providers exhibitors from cross the region showcasing their latest technologies , products, and services in the health, beauty and well being. The sellout event was […]

Levant Themed Shop Local Fun Fair 2017- 4th Edition

Another successful event concluded on March 10th 2017 to celebrate the home grown brands registered in Trending5000 community. With 55 exhibiting vendors  in different categorizes ranging from F&B, Art and Craft, cloth and technology , the crowed had the chance to learn about those exciting products and services while enjoying fun packed fair . The […]

Faint hearted- Don’t “Follow your passion”!

    Part of our Aspiring Entrepreneur Program, and at one of the sessions we were conducting at the American University of Shariah for Senior year IT & Business students, I was asked to give my “personal” take on entrepreneurship. How it feels like to follow one’s dream and be her “own boss.” Hmm.. I get […]

Third Shop Local in support of Jordanian Business owners- November 2016

Yet another successful event was concluded last Friday November 25 th with around 4000 attendees came to enjoy street food, street style market exhibited by business owner entrepreneurs in the UAE . The Fun day which was under the patronage of  Consul General of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Dubai and Northern Emirates. Dr. Sae’d Radaideh witnessed […]