Influencers LIVE 2018 – Towards Sensible Influencing in MENA

The Largest gathering of Social Media Influencers across the region in its first edition , Influencers Live 2018, took place On Feb 26th, 2018 at the Raffles Hotel.

Please check the Social media Report Inflive 2018_final

Trending5000 -the Marketing arm of SB&S SERVICES- launched its initiative of promoting responsible Social media Influencing in MENA through Influencers Live Conference 2018. The recurring uniquely themed conference brought together all stakeholders in the Influences Marketing & Word of Mouth industry , featuring big names in the industry including Marketers, Social media Platforms (Facebook, Google), Top Influencers & content creators as well as Aspiring Influencers. This regional conference serves as a melting pot connecting you to you favorite’s brands & Social media stars in entertaining educational sessions.

Towards promoting sensibility and quality content, we  recognized at the end of the event aspiring social media influencers with symbolic awards whom we believe that they have inspired others with their content

This highly publicized event (TV, RADIO, PRESS COVERED) attracted International regional brands, over than 450 Social Media Influencers from as fas as UK, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt as well as scores of media personalities

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IMG_6134 (800x533) IMG_6145 (800x533) IMG_6141 (800x533) IMG_6139 (800x533) IMG_6138 (800x533) IMG_6137 (800x533) IMG_6135 (800x533)   IMG_6108 (800x533) IMG_6102 (800x533)

IMG_6093 (800x533) IMG_6092 (800x533)      IMG_6070 (800x533) IMG_6069 (800x533) IMG_6067 (800x533) IMG_6065 (800x533) IMG_6058 (800x533)

IMG_7118 (800x533)IMG_6160 (800x533) IMG_6162 (800x533) IMG_6163 (800x533) IMG_6165 (800x533) IMG_6166 (800x533) IMG_6167 (800x533) IMG_6168 (800x533) IMG_6175 (800x533) IMG_6176 (800x533) IMG_6178 (800x533) IMG_6180 (800x533) IMG_6181 (800x533) IMG_6182 (800x533) IMG_6183 (800x533) IMG_6184 (800x533)  IMG_6208 (800x533)  IMG_6213 (800x533)

IMG_6222 (800x533)

IMG_6231 (800x533) IMG_6234 (800x533) IMG_6237 (800x533) IMG_6239 (800x533) IMG_6257 (800x533) IMG_6264 (800x533) IMG_6266 (800x533) IMG_6267 (800x533) IMG_6273 (800x533) IMG_6287 (800x533) IMG_6289 (800x533) IMG_6292 (800x533) IMG_6299 (800x533) IMG_6306 (800x533) IMG_6307 (800x533) IMG_6308 (800x533) IMG_6309 (800x533) IMG_6310 (800x533) IMG_6312 (800x533) IMG_6313 (800x533) IMG_6314 (800x533) IMG_6315 (800x533) IMG_6317 (800x533) IMG_6320 (800x533) IMG_6323 (800x533) IMG_6331 (800x533)

IMG_6841 (800x533)IMG_6334 (800x533) IMG_6336 (800x533) IMG_6337 (800x533)

IMG_6149 (800x533)



IMG_6339 (800x533) IMG_6340 (800x533) IMG_6342 (800x533) IMG_6343 (800x533) IMG_6344 (800x533)


IMG_6147 (800x533)IMG_6345 (800x533) IMG_6346 (800x533) IMG_6350 (800x533) IMG_6360 (800x533) IMG_6366 (800x533) IMG_6368 (800x533) IMG_6377 (800x533) IMG_6386 (800x533) IMG_6389 (800x533) IMG_6393 (800x533) IMG_6407 (800x533) IMG_6411 (800x533) IMG_6419 (800x533) IMG_6420 (800x533) IMG_6426 (800x533)  IMG_6430 (800x533) IMG_6437 (800x533) IMG_6439 (800x533) IMG_6441 (800x533) IMG_6442 (800x533) IMG_6443 (800x533)

IMG_6817 (800x533)IMG_6444 (800x533) IMG_6445 (800x533) IMG_6446 (800x533) IMG_6447 (800x533) IMG_6448 (800x533) IMG_6449 (800x533) IMG_6450 (800x533) IMG_6452 (800x533) IMG_6454 (800x533) IMG_6456 (800x533) IMG_6460 (800x533) IMG_6463 (800x533) IMG_6469 (533x800) IMG_6473 (800x533) IMG_6478 (800x533) IMG_6486 (800x533) IMG_6494 (533x800) IMG_6495 (533x800) IMG_6499 (800x533) IMG_6501 (800x533) IMG_6503 (800x533) IMG_6505 (800x533) IMG_6511 (800x533)

IMG_6791 (800x533)IMG_6517 (800x533) IMG_6521 (800x533) IMG_6526 (800x533) IMG_6528 (800x533) IMG_6533 (800x533) IMG_6536 (800x533)  IMG_6539 (800x533) IMG_6542 (533x800) IMG_6544 (533x800) IMG_6547 (533x800) IMG_6548 (800x533) IMG_6551 (800x533)

IMG_6700 (800x533)IMG_6565 (800x533)



IMG_6576 (533x800)

IMG_6082 (800x533)

IMG_6579 (800x533) IMG_6583 (800x533) IMG_6588 (800x533) IMG_6590 (800x533) IMG_6599 (800x533) IMG_6602 (800x533) IMG_6604 (800x533) IMG_6609 (800x533)

IMG_6818 (800x533)IMG_6610 (800x533) IMG_6611 (800x533) IMG_6612 (800x533) IMG_6614 (800x533) IMG_6617 (800x533) IMG_6620 (800x533) IMG_6622 (800x533) IMG_6624 (800x533) IMG_6628 (800x533) IMG_6638 (800x533) IMG_6645 (800x533) IMG_6652 (800x533) IMG_6660 (800x533) IMG_6661 (800x533) IMG_6662 (800x533) IMG_6666 (800x533) IMG_6668 (800x533) IMG_6671 (800x533) IMG_6672 (800x533)

IMG_6674 (800x533) IMG_6675 (800x533) IMG_6678 (800x533) IMG_6679 (800x533) IMG_6680 (800x533) IMG_6686 (800x533) IMG_6689 (800x533) IMG_6691 (800x533) IMG_6693 (800x533)   IMG_6708 (800x533) IMG_6711 (800x533)  IMG_6716 (800x533) IMG_6721 (800x533)

IMG_6562 (800x533) IMG_6750 (800x533) IMG_6751 (800x533) IMG_6753 (800x533) IMG_6756 (800x533) IMG_6766 (800x533) IMG_6770 (800x533) IMG_6776 (800x533) IMG_6777 (800x533) IMG_6784 (800x533)  IMG_6795 (800x533) IMG_6802 (800x533) IMG_6804 (800x533) IMG_6810 (800x533) IMG_6811 (800x533) IMG_6812 (800x533) IMG_6813 (800x533) IMG_6814 (800x533)  IMG_6820 (800x533) IMG_6823 (800x533) IMG_6827 (800x533) IMG_6831 (800x533)  IMG_6833 (800x533) IMG_6838 (800x533) IMG_6839 (800x533)

IMG_6428 (800x533)IMG_6842 (800x533) IMG_6844 (800x533) IMG_6848 (800x533) IMG_6852 (800x533) IMG_6862 (533x800) IMG_6865 (800x533) IMG_6869 (800x533) IMG_6872 (800x533) IMG_6873 (800x533) IMG_6881 (800x533) IMG_6886 (800x533) IMG_6887 (800x533) IMG_6891 (800x533) IMG_6897 (800x533) IMG_6902 (800x533) IMG_6908 (800x533) IMG_6910 (800x533) IMG_6919 (800x533) IMG_6922 (800x533) IMG_6926 (800x533) IMG_6929 (800x533) IMG_6930 (800x533) IMG_6934 (800x533) IMG_6940 (800x533)IMG_6952 (800x533) IMG_6959 (800x533) IMG_6966 (800x533) IMG_6969 (533x800) IMG_6972 (800x533) IMG_6973 (800x533) IMG_6979 (800x533) IMG_6981 (800x533) IMG_6986 (800x533) IMG_6995 (800x533) IMG_6998 (800x533) IMG_6999 (800x533) IMG_7103 (800x533) IMG_7105 - Copy (800x533) IMG_7105 (800x533) IMG_7110 (800x533) IMG_7112 (800x533)  IMG_7119 (800x533) IMG_7122 (800x533) IMG_7123 (800x533) IMG_7142 (800x533) IMG_7138 (800x533) IMG_7137 (800x533) IMG_7135 (800x533) IMG_7132 (800x533) IMG_7129 (800x533) IMG_7126 (533x800) IMG_7165 (800x533) IMG_7163 (800x533) IMG_7159 (800x533) IMG_7157 (800x533) IMG_7154 (800x533) IMG_7150 (800x533) IMG_7147 (800x533) IMG_7174 (800x533)

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