Health, Beauty and Well-Being HBW2017 Conference

On April 30th, , the marketing arm of SB&S Services had organized the first Health, Beauty and Well-Being Conference HBW2017 in Dubai Ladies Club. The event witnessed 30 Major health care providers exhibitors from cross the region showcasing their latest technologies , products, and services in the health, beauty and well being. The sellout event was officially opened  by MS. Abeer Shocair President of Diplomatic Women Association in UAE and her esteemed members and attended by large number of the community.


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The conference encompassed health related sessions given by experts from participating healthcare providers which gained the attention and the admiration of the attendees. Some of the topics covered were Breast cancer prevention, Body reshaping with surgery, face sculpturing  and lymphatic drainage among others.


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As with all Trending5000 events, The conference ended with distributing 10 major prizes including Free hotel stays and valuable vouchers from our strategic partners.

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