Faint hearted- Don’t “Follow your passion”!



Part of our Aspiring Entrepreneur Program, and at one of the sessions we were conducting at the American University of Shariah for Senior year IT & Business students, I was asked to give my “personal” take on entrepreneurship.

How it feels like to follow one’s dream and be her “own boss.”


I get asked all the time about what it feels like starting your own business.

I always answer, It Depends!

As a consultant by profession, I always weigh my options and ascertain the consequences of my judgments.  However, I have learnt to be clear and honest with clients upfront about issues that may impede the assignment.

We are in a profession of helping entrepreneurs and Small Business owners grow their businesses by making theirs Stand out. That’s what is www.Trending5000.com  is all about!

However, I answer ….it Depends who you really are.

The truth is, No matter what personality you have, following your passion is NOT easy.

Here are points that I recommend to check before pursuing your Passion as a Business in oppose to having a regular job

This pertain to seasoned professionals as well thinking of starting their own businesses

1.      You Don’t like to SELL

2.      You are a specialist who like to focus on your domain- Not into learning new things in all departments and rolling up your sleeves to try and fail

3.      You are easily Bored – your passion is Not a passion , it is more of a flame

4.      It is your idea and you are not ready to share it with the world- even with a Co founder!

5.      You don’t have a Support system  that will help you through the journey; wife, parents, colleagues , etc

If the above or at least 3 out of 5 sound like you,

You are Normal and You are like most people …..Entrepreneurship is Not for You & I recommend you NOT to Follow you passion as a Business

Becoming a Business owner is like being married. If you can’t commit, this isn’t for you.



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