2nd Shop Local Levant Themed Fair in support of women business owners- 2016

The fair to support women entrepreneurs was a high success. The event witnessed over than  75 business owners exhibiting their products and services to the public in a a relaxed family atmosphere. The event was a great opportunity for those entrepreneurs to connect with their stakeholders from customers , partners, the media and even interested investors .

A highlighted video of our event

The full footage of the event covered and aired by the famous media station MBC TV coverage – Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab (Good Morning Show) – in the Entrepreneurship Morning segment ( Sabah Il Riyadah program)


Here are the photos for this memorable day


9K5C6543 (800x533)

Exhbiting Small Business owners

9K5C6702 (800x533)

Nashama band

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9K5C6529 (800x533) 9K5C6537 (800x533) 9K5C6541 (800x533) 9K5C6542 (800x533)  9K5C6554 (800x533)  9K5C6558 (800x533) 9K5C6559 (800x533)  9K5C6595 (800x533) 9K5C6599 (800x533) 9K5C6603 (800x533) 9K5C6604 (800x533) 9K5C6605 (800x533) 9K5C6606 (800x533) 9K5C6613 (800x533)  9K5C6620 (800x533) 9K5C6625 (800x533) 9K5C6633 (800x533) 9K5C6635 (800x533) 9K5C6642 (800x533)  9K5C6663 (800x533) 9K5C6682 (800x533)  9K5C6689 (800x533) 9K5C6690 (800x533) 9K5C6695 (800x533)  9K5C6704 (800x533) 9K5C6713 (800x533) 9K5C6717 (800x533) 9K5C6722 (800x533)   9K5C6750 (800x533) 9K5C6751 (800x533) 9K5C6760 (800x533) 9K5C6761 (800x533) 9K5C6767 (800x533) 9K5C6778 (800x533) 9K5C6790 (800x533) 9K5C6791 (800x533) 9K5C6794 (800x533)   9K5C6824 (800x533) 9K5C6865 (800x450)




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