If you like shopping on sale, Glanse App is for you!


Are you a fashion lover? Do you love shopping sale items and hate going to over crowded stores while on Sale? How would you feel if we give you one of the hottest fashion Apps that makes shopping sales an enjoyable, easy experience and at your finger tips?  Meet Glan.se, the Californian based, Jordanian Owned App that makes Shopping on Sale, EASY!

With Glan.se, find an outfit you love in under a minute. Glan.se will take you through the best clothes, shoes and accessories on sale from 1,500 brands. All you have to do is SWIPE.

Wait, it gets better! We handpick some of the best items on sale every day to help you find what you want even faster. Swipe right if an item tickles your fancy, swipe left for a better offer.

Want to recommend an item to a friend? Swipe Up. If a product did not tickle you at first glance, we never bother you with that item again.

 Trending5000.com team ran into  Evelyn Zoabi while in Las Vegas/USA, and manged to get the scoope. Here is how Glan.se changed Evelyn’s life and many others.

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  • Q: Tell us about Glan.se

Glan.se is an iPhone app that simplifies shopping on sale from 1,500 brands

  • Q: How can Glan.se make my life easier?

You don’t have to go from one brand to another looking  for clothes on sale. We source everything on sale for you from 1,500 brands into one app show the ones available in stock in your size. We show you only the best of thousands of items on sale, since content is community curated. All you have to do is relax and swipe through Glan.se.

  • Q: How did you come up with Glan.se?

Glan.se is my 4th fashion product. The more people I talked to about products, the more I realized that they want to have the minimal effort put in while using an app. The other conclusion was that, not only I liked shopping on sale, but literally every woman I talked to did. So ended up coming up with Glan.se especially that all brands are now shop-able online. We definitely saw a lot of holes in shopping through phones and we’re aiming to change that.

  • Q: What challenges did you face when you started and how did you overcome them?

I had to weed out a lot of people who didn’t understand what I was talking about and just fast forward by finding people who were domain experts

  • Q: If I am a fashion brand, how will I benefit from Glan.se?

Our target clients are brands who take analytics seriously. Those who already know that print promotional material are becoming absolutely useless nowadays. That being said, we replace catalogues and make them dynamic.

We list and feature content on Glan.se and generate taste graphs when users swipe through items.

  • Q: Where do you see Glan.se in 5 years?

Leading big data for fashion retailers.

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  • Q: If you had the chance to choose one fashionista to download and use your app, who would that be? And If you can choose one fashion brand that you are just dying to get into your app, which brand would that be?

We don’t necessarily target fashionistas. We target women who love getting clothes on sale but don’t have much time to spare.

As for brands, I believe we have the top ready to wear brands on the app, but featuring haute couture would be nice to figure out. Because you can’t just buy haute couture with a click of a button just yet.

  • Q: On a last note, what’s your next move?

Expanding our user base. You can get Glan.se from the App Store

Check out Glan.se Profile on Trending5000.com



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