Idea vs. implementation …The time to take a leap of faith

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Here is a new standoff for you: which is more important: innovative idea or meticulous implementation? Simpler: Ideas vs implementation?

Well if you’ d expect to hear a diplomatic answer by the end of this article , then you don’t know me well. One tip to get to know me more is to tune in  🙂

Back to our created rivalry; let me start by listing some of the arguments that support each one of them


  1. They are what get us started ; the beginning of a journey, the start of something different if not necessarily new.

  2. Ideas get us excited. They are what actually make people keep going. Remember the last time you came up with the idea of quitting your job and travelling the world and how much you were static about it(not your spouse though!)

  3. Sometimes Ideas represent our dreams. Dreams are inspirational and mostly great– Don’t watch too much scary movies and sleep on a half empty stomach you will have some of those. They are in the form of a creation. Generating something especially when it is novel is not only smart but also money earning activity. Think Cell phones, for example!

  4. And Finally, if you are a creative person- A.K.A An Entrepreneur-, you are most likely than not: rich, sought after and probably able to get by in life when things get tough around you . Did you know that Steve Jobs dropped out of college and got fired from Apple by the age of 30?

    Enough for the first contender . Now its opponent


  1. Implementation is the execution of ideas, it is the extension of the generated idea to fulfill its promise. Therefore, It’s the act of getting things done. It’s the transformation of an abstract dream to an actual reality. And if you are a realistic person, you can’t get a better kick from seeing result on the ground. I guess even if you are not, we love to actually experience success more than thinking of it.

  2. Implementation  makes or breaks you…

  3. Implementation is a leadership trait. You can’t be a leader unless you are able to execute.

  4. Lastly, “doers” are also sought after professional in many facets of life. In fact, in the corporate world, they are the ones who are sitting at the helm of leadership, think famous Small Business owners, CEOs, MDs, Directors, Etc. The same goes in Politics, a nation leader is selected to implement a policy.  Even inside your home; if your wife is the person who gets things done ,  then you know how indispensable she is; which is always the case even if she is not the doer!

Now from the above it is obvious that both, Ideas and the act of implantation are really crucial and one by itself will not make a huge difference without the availability of the other. But if I would have to pick

 My verdict: I d go with implementation, especially when we talk business. The world is abundant with great ideas that never go anywhere because they die without the right implementation. Ideas are born by the hour, unfortunately they also vanish pretty quickly without the validation and the courage and the passion to take them forward.

Here is a quote I found amazing “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” Mary Kay Ash

Now implementation as we mentioned is not all that fancy without its own baggage. It can be intimidating. It is a daunting task especially without the right support system and it is certainly taxing. The trick is in timing- Easier said than done , I know-. When is the right time to take the leap of faith , decide to take your idea off the ground and realize your dream. The best time is actually Today! Because, the cost of inaction is often greater than the risk of action.

Take a leap of faith. Start something amazing (Start-ups are amazing!) Do what you love.  Follow the acronym T.A.E Think. Act. Enjoy

Your comments are most welcome!

All the Best

Mohammad Alsayyed.

Co founder and Managing Director of The platform where small business & startup dreams are realized and encouraged 



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