The girl next door with Passion for Street Style- Ola Farahat

Turning heads at every occasion, Ola Farahat is undoubtedly a fashion  influencer. A beautiful person inside out, the successful Fashionista managed to build a brand -Ownthelooks-  in the business world. We caught up with her talking about her styling passion.

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  • Q: Ola Farahat is known as a style icon in the Middle East, how can describe “Ola Farahat” as a brand and what is your future plans

Ola Farahat’s brand is the modern girl.  She has an endless love for street style and individuality.

My future plans include the creation of a virtual platform where i can inspire females to bring out their own personal style.

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  • Q: you have experienced corporate life as well the entrepreneurial life, how did you make the move from one of the biggest consulting firms to starting your own business?

Corporate life was my stepping stone.  It helped me become well equipped and added value to my social media filled life.  I left consulting to start my own project –  i am still working on expanding my e- commerce platform into something bigger and better.

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  • Q: We love your social entrepreneurship spirit by offering to give a shout out to local businesses on your Instagram account, How do you see the social media helping these businesses grow and market their products? and how will you choose from the amble numbers or businesses approaching you

Social media is the future.  It has created stars and full blown blogger sensations.  Business will benefit a lot from social media by being able to directly target their audience and positioning very pricesly.  When i chose who to work with it really all boils down to how we could both add value to each other.  The brand needs to be in line with my style and preference and i make sure that i can really add value to their campaigns.


  • Q: is a platform to help Middle Eastern small businesses and startups get found by listing them under keywords and categories. Would you use this service to locate a new homegrown brands?  Do you consider yourself an early adapter who would use new products or a service from a startup?

Yes absolutely.  I believe in start ups more than anything.  Start ups are always looking to create and innovate.  I would definitely use products from start ups


  • Q: What is your advice to young women out there trying to start their own business?

My advice is take it slow.  Try to work for a multinational before venturing off.  Big companies can teach you a lot and add great amount of value.  And lastly love what you do because that is what will make you win.


  • Q: What do you think about and its services?

I think its great service to support start ups and home grown brands across the Middle East.  Every new idea is valuable and we should all support one another .

 To learn more about Ola’s Business venture, visit page on by clicking here



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